Only fair way to corporate tax reduction

Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed a huge tax rate reduction that will determine whether legislative Republicans are serious about one of their principal concerns — that the state corporate income tax rate is too high. At 9.9 percent, the corporate income tax rat

Wrong party offers to quit

The Northeast Intermediate Unit’s chief financial officer, Keith Glynn, offered his resignation Tuesday, which the board declined to accept. But the board should not leave it at that. It should make sure that a different party resigns for the incident tha

Cash hoard still unjustified

Collecting things can be a fun hobby. Some folks collect sports cards. Others gather and display antique tools or a favorite type of art. State lawmakers collect other people’s money.

Wal-Mart moves ball

Opponents of government-mandated minimum-wage increases quickly pointed to Wal-Mart’s decision to raise its base pay as proof that the private market alone is best left to dictate wage rates. That is a lovely but largely untrue notion. Wal-Mart was goosed

Fishing trip in leaky boat

Florida Gov. Rick Scott came to Pennsylvania this week to sell some swampland marketed as oceanfront. Mr. Scott, a tea party Republican, visited the Philadelphia area on Monday and Tuesday to promote Florida’s purported business advantages compared to the

Clear bridges or clear decks

As he engineered foolish contracts with the police and fire unions that commit the city government to open-ended costs, Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright seemed not to notice that his administration lacks the resources to provide a basic service. Downtown is

Stop state’s booze sales

There is no legitimate reason for the state government to be in the booze business, so there cannot be a legitimate reason for the state government to remain in the booze business. Yet supposedly free-market Republicans who controlled both houses of the L

Exceptionally divisive Rudy

The times are too serious, the stakes are too high for this same partisan playbook. So let us agree that patriotism has no party. I love this country, and so do you, and so does John McCain.” Barack Obama August 28, 2008 “I do not believe, and I know this

Fix entire tax structure

Many state legislative leaders are alarmed because their fellow Republican, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, plans a foray into the commonwealth this week to try to poach businesses and jobs. They choose to blame a single issue, the state’s unduly high 9.9 per

Ally’s leaks discredit Bibi

The State Department and the White House used unusually straightforward language last week to discuss a delicate diplomatic matter — a key ally’s deliberate misuse of sensitive information provided by the United States. At issue are ongoing talks between

Real pension inquiry needed

Wonderful thing, a subpoena.” Wilford Brimley Absence of Malice In the 1981 movie featuring Paul Newman and Sally Field, Mr. Brimely plays U.S. Attorney James Wells, who is determined to get to the bottom of a leak from a federal investigation that has al

Courtright’s two stories

Struggling city governments in Pennsylvania can make a strong general case that state government policies contribute to their problems. And Scranton’s government has an even more specific and compelling case in that regard. It made sense recently when Scr

Engineering isn’t issue for big dump

Keystone Sanitary Landfill has sought to reassure the public about its massive expansion plans by stating that it’s a state-of-the art, effectively engineered facility that safely handles waste. It has conducted tours, publicly explained the disposal and

Redefine craft beer tax

Anheuser-Busch and Coors together control more than 70 percent of the U.S. beer market. But Anheuser-Busch feels sufficiently threatened by the nation’s craft-beer trend to launch an interesting ad campaign that is something of a backlash against the craf

Icing cake before baking

Northeast Pennsylvania has been hearin’ that train-a-comin’ for about 20 years now, ever since local politicians confidently predicted the restoration of passenger rail service to Northern New Jersey and New York City. It has seemed tantalizingly close at

Fix federal records law

Federal agencies and narrow interests have long been able to preclude the release of records under the Freedom of Information Act in cases where they think the data could be embarrassing or otherwise inconvenient. That’s why it often is such a frustrating

Nominate for future, not past

Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O’Brien’s decision to leave office early for a job in the private sector leaves the county Democratic Party with a decision of its own. And so far, it has not been impressive in approaching it. The party will submit to

Big Ten keeps PSU cash

The Big Ten Conference grandly announced this week that it no longer will keep millions of dollars to which it has no legitimate claim. Following the arrest of Jerry Sandusky in 2011 for his heinous crimes of child sexual abuse, the NCAA imposed unwarrant

Gambling card overplayed

Casino gambling advocates in Pennsylvania actually argued, a decade ago, that the objective was not to create new gamblers but to capture Pennsylvania’s portion of the Atlantic City market and money that otherwise would go to illegal gambling. The argumen

Talk about a busy guy!

Wow. Lackawanna County Commissioner Jim Wansacz is so busy, he doesn’t even have time to consider the most important issue affecting Lackawanna County’s future. “I’ve been dealing with 8 million other issues here,” Mr. Wansacz told Kyle Wind of The Times-

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