2010 ‘reform’ isn’t working; fix pensions

In fairness to Pennsylvania’s legislature, most members had not yet been elected in 2001 and, therefore, did not participate in building the pension time bomb that since has exploded in the wallets of state taxpayers.Any sympathy for their plight this bud

Train safetystill off track

Given the series of disasters and near-disasters arising from the growing use of trains to ship shale oil long distances to East Coast refineries, improving their safety should be a common cause for the oil and rail industries and the government. After an

Film credit deviates from script

Cut! Rewrite! ... Or whatever else a film director might declare when a scene starts to go bad.That’s what’s happening to Pennsylvania’s tax credit for film production. It often serves its purpose of helping to lure economy-boosting movie and television p

Luckily, just a stowaway

Scores of passengers patiently waited in long lines Sunday at Mineta San Jose International Airport, then took off their shoes and belts and placed them, along with their other belongings and carry-on bags, in trays to be X-rayed in the name of security.A

Every day is Earth Day

NASA announced last week that its Kepler mission had confirmed the existence of a rocky planet, about 10 percent larger than Earth, in a “Goldilocks-zone” orbit around a star just 500 light years (about 300 trillion miles) away. The “Goldilocks zone” — no

Consumers lack tools

Many states, including Pennsylvania, bar payday lending because they recognize that it is predatory. The state law alone demonstrates that. It outlaws payday lending by capping interest rates on short-term loans at a whopping 24 percent. Because of the w

Snake eyes for taverns

As it turns out, the state’s tavern owners are a lot smarter than state lawmakers and administrators who think that gambling is the answer to everything.

Winston case: where’s NCAA?

The New York Times has done what the Tallahassee police failed to do in 2012 — thoroughly investigate a sexual assault allegation against Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston.

Form of governmentnot just politics

Whether Lackawanna County should have a different form of government is not simply a political issue. It’s a fundamental matter of public policy about which the current county commissioners have the right, if not the duty, to educate the public about its

It depends on where the road goes

Pennsylvania has a long list of roads that need improvement, and even a few areas that could use new roads. None of those locations are in state forests, however, the preserved regions of “Penn’s Woods” that remain true to the name.Gov. Tom Corbett views

Expensivebox of cereal

General Mills, the gigantic food company, has figured how to shed the risk inherent in selling products that people put in their bodies. It will shift that risk to consumers. The company recently declared that it no longer will be sued. Its new posture is

DEP musthave access to well sites

Chevron Corp. has been widely lampooned after offering free pizza and soda to residents of a Western Pennsylvania town where one of its wells exploded Feb. 11. The blast killed Ian McKee, 27, who was working at the site for a contractor, Cameron Internati

Higher wagebeneficial

Opponents of a minimum wage increase seized upon part of a recent Congressional Budget Office Report and lifted it from its context. The analysis by the nonpartisan office found that, as critics charge, increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an

Pressure rises for fair tax on natural gas

Republican lawmakers who hold majorities in both houses of the state Legislature have defied the public will by refusing to establish a fair tax on natural gas extraction. With the gas industry thriving while returning far less money to the Pennsylvania

Comply with mercury rule

Part of the reason that coal-generated electricity has been so cheap for so long is that the government never has assessed a cost on the industry for the horrendous air pollution that it creates. It's why some parts of Northeast Pennsylvania still look l

Drilling data must be public data

Gov. Tom Corbett helped balance his proposed budget for the 2015 fiscal year by lifting a moratorium on new gas drilling under state forests and other public lands. According to the budget, leases and royalties will produce $75 million for the state trea

Politicians fiddle while teens burn

Pennsylvania is not the sunniest spot on the continent, as the weather this week yet again has confirmed. Even though that circumstance drives many people to acquire tans indoors, Pennsylvania's government is one of just a few not to bar adolescents from

State should pay districts what it owes

State lawmakers and Gov. Tom Corbett already have demonstrated that they have scant interest in helping distressed cities such as Scranton, unless tightening recovery deadlines and limiting options can be considered to be helpful. Why should school distr

After crash, expedite bus safety rules

The tour bus involved in the fiery crash in California last week that killed 10 people was brand new and the operator had a strong safety record. Thus, the tragedy offers federal investigators and regulators the opportunity to determine whether buses mus

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