Gitmo costs respect, cash

The U.S. prison camp at Guantánamo, Cuba, long ago crossed the threshold from expediency to embarrassment. Over the last dozen years, the detention there of scores of “detainees” who never have been charged with crimes has been a weight on the nation’s ef

Kane should release office emails

Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane’s review of her predecessors’ handling of the Jerry Sandusky case included a heroic effort to recover deleted office emails that apparently has produced less than heroic results. That review sought to answer why it took t

Contracts reflect reality

Two neighboring school districts in Lackawanna County have new contracts with teachers that, in different ways, recognize economic reality within their tax bases. In the Abington Heights district, where labor relations between teachers and the board have

DePasquale right on DOE

Even though the Corbett administration has failed to produce any work product from former Education Secretary Ron Tomalis, who was kept on as an adviser after the governor sacked him, it also contends there is something wrong with Auditor General Eugene D

How they voted

NAME: House Bill 993 would rename the state Department of Public Welfare as the Department of Human Services. The House approved the measure 155-35 and sent it to the governor for signing. A yes vote supported the bill. ✔ Voting yes: Reps. Karen Boback, R

End board supermajority

Pennsylvania’s bloated 253-member Legislature is a study in political paralysis, but that doesn’t mean its leaders can’t achieve some of their own goals. Lawmakers pass bills and adopt policy, but the mechanism of actual governance resides in the executiv

Misuse of exemption

The explosive Jerry Sandusky scandal in 2011 exposed not only the ex-coach’s crimes, but many inadequacies in state law regarding the protection of children and the accountability of institutions. One key reform proposal that emerged was ending the exempt

Use power to press rights

Uncle Sam is a shopaholic, the world’s most prolific buyer of goods and services. Every year, the federal government spends between $350 billion and $500 billion on procurement. Unfortunately, according to a new report by the International Corporate Accou

Strong era winds down

There always was a very high probability that Mike Strong, the basketball coach with the most wins in NCAA Division III history, would leave the University of Scranton while he was on top. His teams, after all, rarely have been anywhere else. Mr. Strong,

Ebola fight self-defense

While much of Washington’s attention has remained on the Islamic State extremists, President Obama has ordered action against another killer that could be even more important. The president has ordered 3,000 U.S. military personnel to West Africa to help

Money for education, not defense

Large sums of money inevitably draw large groups of people trying to get some of it. So, when the state government began funneling millions of tax dollars into charter schools, it was perhaps inevitable that a few unscrupulous operators would emerge to gr

State furthers inequality

A rating service’s report about the toll of income inequality on state government revenue accents a transparent trend in Pennsylvania. Standard & Poor’s, a financial services company, detailed how growing financial disparity harms state budgets. It traces

Responders need tools to fight heroin

Like every state in the Northeast, Pennsylvania has been in the throes of a opiate drug epidemic for several years. But unlike those other states, the commonwealth has not yet allowed emergency personnel a key tool that they could use to prevent overdose

McGuigan’s bad decision

Kathleen McGuigan, who until Monday was president of the Scranton School Board, justifiably was dismayed by the unprofessional, opaque conduct of a board faction that has become the effective majority. But surely she must recognize that her resignation Mo

Scotland won’t crash

Scots will decide Thursday whether they have had enough of England after 300 years of union. Passions are high on both sides. Even if Scots decide in Thursday’s yes-no vote to remain part of the United Kingdom, the expected close vote likely will have a d

Wayward bet

More than 5,000 workers have lost their jobs over the last year as five Atlantic City casinos have closed in response to a saturated East Coast gambling market. It turns out that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christy is no more imaginative than politicians in nei

Back to work;values askew

State lawmakers aren’t required to report what they did on their long summer vacations. It’s obvious, though, that some of them spent it hanging out with their friends and benefactors from the gun lobby. Facing myriad serious issues, lawmakers leaped into

Global war against Ebola

Even as President Obama committed the nation to war against the murderous Islamic State last week, an even more pernicious killer continued to kill thousands and threaten the very existence of several states in West Africa. The Ebola virus outbreak now ha

Spend on gauges, save on damages

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States and its costs are enormous. Every state experiences at least one flood a year on average. From Oct. 1, 2012, through Sept. 30, 2013, flooding killed 82 Americans and caused $2.15 billion in

Contain ISIS, unite its foes

Much of the world is awash in barbarity. In an environment where the grotesque is the commonplace, it takes a truly exceptional effort to get the world’s attention. So it is with the vicious ISIS, ISIL or simply the Islamic State. Its murderous rampage ac

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