Oregon lifts participation

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As many state legislatures across the nation — including Pennsylvania’s — cynically tried to reduce voter participation over the last decade, Oregon went in the other direction. Now, that state’s effort to increase voter participation has been shown to be (read more)

Board ‘work’: facing crisis

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As Scranton School Board members finally get around to tackling a budget that is due by the end of the year, while facing what likely is the largest general fund deficit among the state’s 500 school districts, they somberly have acknowledged that they hav (read more)

McCann exposes for-profit risk

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The impending closure of McCann School of Business’ operations in Lackawanna County helps provide another lesson in the uncertainty facing students who pursue higher education at for-profit entities. (read more)

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Opioid effort cuts to chase

The opioid epidemic ravaging the region, Pennsylvania and the nation is a greater challenge than other addiction problems because it is far more pervasive. (read more)

Pass legislation despite flaws

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It’s possible that Congress will close out one of the most polarized and least-productive sessions in its history by passing a broadly bipartisan bill that could help to accelerate treatments and cures for a range of cancers and other debilitating and deadly diseases. (read more)

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Open-records duty still afterthought

Nearly a decade after the Legislature finally lifted Pennsylvania from the dark ages of public disclosure with a new open-records law, public disclosure still is not a high priority for many governments across the commonwealth — including elements of the state government. (read more)

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EPA fracks own report

A 2015 report by the Environmental Protection Agency was supposed to settle for good the question of whether deep drilling and fracking for natural gas and oil poses a threat to water supplies. (read more)

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Downtown vigor building

Block by block, once-stagnant downtown Scranton has become a focus for redevelopment. (read more)

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Opinion rules, after all that

If the New York Yankees win their season series against the rival Boston Red Sox, but the Red Sox win the American League East division, the Red Sox are assured of going to the playoffs. (read more)

Assessors dawdle as grants fade

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Failure to attend to the simple nuts and bolts of governance has jeopardized a host of grants that the state provides for Lackawanna County and many local governments within the county. (read more)

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Deficit roots deeper than election cycle

Faced with an independent financial forecast demonstrating that the state government’s stubborn and growing deficit is tied to long-term demographic and economic trends, (read more)

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Appeal Texas OT decision

A federal judge in Texas suddenly decided recently that the Department of Labor may not use the same standard it has used for seven decades to determine American workers’ overtime eligibility. (read more)

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Prosecutors wrongly press secrecy

Pennsylvania’s district attorneys have recommended what they describe as “best practices” to guide local investigations of police officers who use force against civilians. (read more)

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Dangerous demagoguery

Someone on President-elect Donald J. Trump’s team should remind him that he won the election. (read more)

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Further open door to Cuba

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro outlasted 10 American presidential administrations and quite nearly survived the Obama administration before dying Saturday at 90 (read more)

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Make sure office stays independent

It is not yet clear that impeachment hearings conducted after convicted former Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane resigned were conducted for the sake of political theater or for a valuable governmental purpose. (read more)

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Investigate Russian role

Two independent studies of the proliferation of fake news reports during the presidential campaign,which were viewed online in the United States more than 213 million times, have found that the effort was heavily supported by a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign. (read more)

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Judge’s cure for automatic court secrecy

Even if an appeals court ultimately disagrees with Lackawanna County Judge Terrence Nealon’s refusal to seal a medical practice settlement, the decision is valuable because it debunks myths about public disclosure in court cases. (read more)

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Scranton boards snub taxpayers

Scranton taxpayers already are paying a heavy price for the city government’s out-of-control pension plans. (read more)

Trump needs blind trust

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Donald Trump is said to be the wealthiest person to be elected president but there is no way to truly know that because he continues to insist on shrouding his interests in secrecy. That was bad enough when he was a candidate. It will be untenable when he (read more)