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Croupiers at it again

They don’t wear green eyeshades, matching vests and garters to hold up their sleeves, but lawmakers should adopt those casino croupier uniforms. (read more)

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Hasten polio’s eradication

A century after the 1916 polio epidemic that infected 27,000 Americans and killed 6,000, including 2,000 in New York City alone, the disease might be eradicated, globally, by the end of this year. (read more)

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Mayor must act on leachate

Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright has avoided taking a public stance on the dreadful, proposed 50-year expansion of Keystone Sanitary Landfill. (read more)

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EU suspense amid peace

As Britons vote today on whether to leave the European Union, they are doing so amid the longest-ever era of peace in Western Europe — a circumstance due partially to the EU. (read more)

Absurdly tragic

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Congress always is a venue for political theater, especially in election years. (read more)

No time now for progress

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The failure to reassess Lackawanna County’s property values for nearly 50 years is a massive failure of the county government across multiple administrations and generations. (read more)

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Develop plan for trauma

The June 12 mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, has cast a light on the extraordinary effectiveness of high-quality trauma care. (read more)

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Lawmakers should note Dish’s offer

Dish Network and Tribune Broadcasting are locked in a fee dispute over retransmission fees paid by the satellite network to carry Tribune’s stations, including WNEP, and Chicago-based “superstation” WGN. (read more)

Small fee for cleaner water


Pennsylvania is all wet, and not just relative to politics. According to the Chesapeake Bay Commission, Pennsylvania has the highest density of streams of any state, fully 7 percent of all of the nation’s waterways. (read more)

Use Medicare market power

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A nonpartisan congressional agency’s complex prescription for curing Medicare’s drug program evades the simplest but politically problematic solution. (read more)

City mimics Cordaro’s tactic

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Mayfield last week sought bids for its sale of a 2007 Ford Explorer with about 96,000 miles on the odometer. (read more)

Allow context

Last week state Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown, a Philadelphia Democrat and chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, and Gov. Tom Wolf overreacted to the presence of a Confederate battle flag in a historical exhibit in the state Capitol of flag (read more)

Hold PUC accountable for cover-up


Pennsylvania’s utility regulating agency often has displayed a pro-business, anti-consumer bias, making the “public” in Public Utility Commission a figurative misnomer. (read more)

Publish rest of 9/11 report

President Obama and defense and security officials met Friday with Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman regarding the Islamic State, Syria and ongoing Saudi war in Yemen, in which U.S. intelligence and air power have been involved. But while meeting wi (read more)

Stop fighting clean energy

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Some state legislators can’t or won’t come to grips with the reality that coal is not the fuel of the 21st century. (read more)

City, borough shame state

Two days after the massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida, Dickson City Borough Council followed through on an ordinance to specifically outlaw discrimination against LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations. (read more)

He’s running as ... Trump

WASHINGTON — When in his 1964 GOP acceptance speech Barry Goldwater declared that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” a reporter sitting near historian Theodore White famously exclaimed: “My God, he’s going to run as Barry Goldwater!” Six we (read more)

Expedite school study, then reform

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Pennsylvania relies more heavily than most states on local property taxes to fund public schools — a woefully unfair system that ensures wide disparities in school resources from ZIP code to ZIP code. (read more)

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FOIA update promising

President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Freedom of Information Act on July 4, 1966. On July 5, 1966, executive branch agencies began evading the law and haven’t stopped since. (read more)

Huge win for consumers

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In a huge win for consumers in the digital age, a federal appeals court has upheld federal law and regulations ensuring net neutrality — the idea that the Internet should be equally accessible rather than the commercial property of a few big Internet services. (read more)

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