Let Fox News’ people go

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After first lady Michelle Obama’s fine speech at the Democratic National Convention, in which she reflected on the African-American first family waking up each day in the White House that was built by black slaves, Fox News entertainer Bill O’Reilly offer (read more)

Physical, political blight on run

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In an effort to overcome physical blight in Scranton neighborhoods, Lackawanna County Commissioners Patrick O’Malley and Jerry Notarianni rose this week above the political blight of Commissioner Laureen Cummings’ suspicion, supposition and misinformation (read more)

Health coverage rate shock

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Health insurance companies made their pitch this week to state regulators for rate increases next year, and the prospects provide bad news for consumers. Insurers seek double-digit increases on individual health insurance policies, citing their own rising (read more)

Back to the future

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Donald Trump rolled into Scranton on Wednesday and promptly burnished his image as a shoot-from-the-hip ignoramus. Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee for president, endorsed the restoration of anthracite coal mining in the area during an appearance at Lack (read more)

Anniversary for inclusion

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The 26th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act provides a reminder that the United States has become more inclusive and accessible. The act, which President George H.W. Bush signed into law on July 26, 1990, outlaws discrimination against peo (read more)

Ballot issue dispute valid

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Two retired state Supreme Court justices and a prominent lawyer have helped expose the mischief involved in a controversy about the retirement ages for judges. Retired Justices Ronald Castille and Stephen Zappala Sr., along with Philadelphia attorney Rich (read more)

Law covers cop attacks

Photo: LM Otero/AP, License: N/A, Created: 2016:07:14 16:26:36

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott understandably wants to respond to the recent ambush murder of five Dallas police officers. But his call for a law to make such attacks a hate crime misses the mark. Attacking a police officer is a crime, regardless of motive. Most (read more)

Faces change but rip-off constant

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The state Legislature not only has failed, but has refused to reform state pension systems that have become a festering rip-off of Pennsylvania taxpayers. State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced Monday that his office will conduct a performance (read more)

Reduce plane pollution

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At any given time as many as 9,000 commercial aircraft are aloft above the United States, which is by far the world’s largest aviation market. Although the number of commercial jets is small compared to the number of cars, trucks and buses, airplanes prod (read more)

Casinos envy state’s faith in gambling

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Pennsylvania lawmakers are firmly committed to not dealing with any major issue that entails political risk. They headed for the beach two weeks ago after passing an unfunded state “budget” that has more holes than their own expense reports. They left for (read more)

Discrimination has high price

Photo: Gerald Herbert/AP, License: N/A

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory lashed out at just about everyone except himself and the state Legislature after the National Basketball Association announced last week that it would move its all-star game from Charlotte next February. The league acted, a (read more)

Fair taxation  just so much cigar smoke

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Addiction has become a fundamental and growing revenue-generator for Pennsylvania’s government. Lawmakers scooted away from the Capitol last week for their long summer vacation without fully funding the budget that they claimed to have passed. But they di (read more)

Sad record

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP, License: N/A

Republican officials at their party’s national convention last week spent a lot of time talking about constitutional governance and the rule of law. But even as the convention progressed, their own placement of politics above constitutional duty resulted (read more)

Optimists set tolls, fees

Photo: Daniel Zampogna, PennLive/AP, License: N/A

Say what you will about the city government and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, but their leaders clearly are optimists. In the city’s deal to cover the Scranton Parking Authority’s debt and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s toll schedule, both (read more)

Russia earns full ban at Rio

Photo: Matt Dunham/AP, License: N/A, Created: 2012:08:11 20:09:19

Use of performance-enhancing drugs is not the sole province of Russian athletes. But the difference between that group and their counterparts around the world is that their cheating for competitive advantage is a state-sponsored enterprise. Russia justly (read more)

Lawmakers’ summer read

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Facing legislative elections in the wake of last year’s budget debacle, state legislators could not afford to not have a budget before the campaigns begin in earnest. So they passed a “budget,” even though it is underfunded by hundreds of millions of doll (read more)

Congress out, Zika virus in

Photo: Andre Penner/AP, License: N/A

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has opened investigations into two Zika virus cases that, if verified, substantially could raise the stakes in the fight against that disease. But Congress, incredibly, has recessed for seven weeks without fu (read more)

Move Capitol to courthouse


The well-worn path between the state Capitol and the federal courthouse became more so Thursday with the indictment of Barbara H. Hafer. Just as worn is the script for her alleged conduct related to her state office, raising yet again the question of whet (read more)

Court rescues voting rights

Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP, License: N/A

Like politicians across the country who have sought to severely limit voting rights, those in Texas claimed their voter identification law was needed to stem vote fraud. Wednesday, the full U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, New Orleans, called the law fo (read more)

Progress on opioid front

Photo: Toby Talbot/AP, License: N/A

Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration continues to gain headway in the struggle against Pennsylvania’s drug-addiction crisis. On Tuesday, Mr. Wolf and top state officials unveiled voluntary guidelines for prescribing and dispensing opioid pain medications. The r (read more)

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