Marty Flynn in House 113

The shape of the 113th Legislative District has changed somewhat but one thing has remained consistent over the last decade or so: Its state representative has been controversial.

Sid Michaels Kavulich in 114th District

In a deeply divided state Legislature, Democratic Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich is among a group of lawmakers who are more interested in progress than in ideology. That’s always a good credential in a legislative body, but it’s even more important in the rac

Blake earns second term

There was a telling moment four years ago during a debate in the crowded race for the Democratic state Senate nomination in the 22nd District. Asked whom he would vote for if not himself, each of the candidates pointed to John Blake. Because most of the c

Good choices in 117th race

Voters in the newly reconfigured 117th Legislative District have a choice of two good candidates for state representative. The Times-Tribune editorial board endorses four-term incumbent Republican Rep. Karen Boback, while recognizing that Democratic chall

Another termfor Cartwright

Matt Cartwright was a successful trial lawyer when he was elected to Congress in 2012. He had vowed while campaigning in the heavily Democratic 17th Congressional District to advocate Democratic principles in Congress with the same intensity with which he

Let’s have no ‘turning back’

It was fitting that the epitaph on former state Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery’s judicial service came from a political operative rather than a lawyer or legal scholar. And it showed that Mr. McCaffery is consistent. Bob Brady, head of the Philade

Brion best for 10th District

It truly can be said of deeply conservative Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Marino that he is straightforward and consistent, and that what you see is what you get. Unfortunately, Mr. Marino’s priorities have been wrong for the 10th District and for the United S

Tough call in 11th District

Voters in the 11th Congressional District face a difficult choice in selecting a congressman, for the wrong reasons. The Times-Tribune editorial board does not endorse incumbent Republican Rep. Lou Barletta of Hazleton or Democratic challenger Andy Ostrow

Tom Wolf for governor

Pennsylvanians have a long history of re-electing incumbent governors, to the extent that they never have replaced one. That should change Nov. 4. Republican Gov. Tom Corbett has failed in major ways to advance the well-being of the commonwealth, and has

New face of merit selection

If you are among the 1.2 million Pennsylvanians who voted Seamus McCaffery onto the state Supreme Court back in 2007, do you remember why you did so? Although it’s possible that you were impressed by Justice McCaffery’s legal acumen, that would make you e

UNC case test for NCAA

Now that the University of North Carolina itself has confirmed that hundreds of athletes were awarded credit for non-existent classes, the matter poses a major test for the NCAA. After mangling an investigation involving University of Miami athletes, impo

Diversifying from defense

A new state program to help regional companies adapt to reduced defense spending hits the target for preparedness. Officials from the Department of Community and Economic Development traveled to Gentex Corp. in Fell Twp. on Wednesday to unveil the Northea

Aggressively use new state blight law

Local governments in Northeast Pennsylvania have not been as aggressive as the law allows them to be in attacking blight that diminishes tax bases, reduces property values, creates dangerous conditions and fosters further blight. With the exception of Pit

McCaffery should resign

Suspended state Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery has reached that sad place where his own resignation is the only legitimate act of public service that he can perform. His colleagues voted this week to suspend him pending further investigation, with

Legislature’s awful finale

Pennsylvania’s Legislature completed an undistinguished two-year session Monday by demonstrating why so many of its members don’t deserve to come back. The House quickly passed two pieces of terrible legislation — diminishing gun safety and free speech —

Child safety up in smoke

Most states don’t allow anyone younger than 18 to buy cigarettes, which is good public health policy. But the nation has looked the other way as at least hundreds of children as young as 7 are allowed to work on tobacco farms. That can and should change.

Turn in all homework

Folks at the state Capitol who claim to be strengthening the state Right to Know Law should take a close look at the conduct of the Lackawanna County Government Study Commission, and get back to work. Lackawanna County voters created the commission in 201

Medicine part of response

If medical expertise was the only thing necessary to respond effectively to the Ebola virus, the United States would have it covered. The nation is blessed with the world’s highest level of expertise on infectious disease, in universities, various health

Disorder in court needs resolution

Pennsylvania’s court system has been plagued by some extraordinary corruption and less-than-honorable conduct by some of the honorable members of the courts. From Luzerne County’s notorious “kids for cash” scandal, to former Supreme Court Justice Joan Ori

Council right on SPA debt

Scranton City Council accelerated the city government’s slide into fiscal calamity when, in 2012, it foolishly encouraged the Scranton Parking Authority’s default on its debt. Although it can’t turn back the clock, the mostly new council is on the mark in

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