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With Thanks

Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and commend Mr. Rob Crain, the Scranton Rail Riders general manager, for the way he handled a situation which occurred on Friday, June 21, at PNC Field involving myself and my family.

I had purchased five tickets for the Friday game on Monday, June 17. The tickets were designated for seats in section 13, which I believed were field reserved seats, when actually they were seats on the flat deck right behind the field reserved seats. The stadium staff placed us behind the first row of people seated at the railing. Our view of the field was blocked by the people sitting at the rail, which they deserved to be seated at. They purchased their tickets just as I had and were entitled to an unobstructed view of the game.

I asked a stadium staff member (Barry Long) if it would be possible to speak to him. It took less than 15 minutes for him to arrive and listen to me explain our situation. Kudos to Long for his quick response.

Crain apologized for the mix-up, left, and in less than 10 minutes returned with tickets for seats in section 23 behind home plate.

This was an excellent example of good customer relations handled personally by the general manager himself.

Crain, keep up the good work.

With respect to all and thanks,

Joe Laibinis

Old Forge

Relay a Success

Editor: The people of Old Forge, Taylor and Moosic pride themselves on the rivalry that is contested between the Blue Devils and Vikings. But we pride ourselves more on coming to each other’s aid when we need each other most. That was no more evident than on Saturday, June 1 when the Triboro communities came together to support the fight against cancer at the inaugural Triboro Relay For Life at Old Forge’s Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The hard work and dedication of many volunteers and donations from various area businesses in our three communities allowed the Triboro Relay For Life to raise more than $26,000 to support the American Cancer Society’s efforts to eradicate this deadly disease from our lives.

On behalf of the American Cancer Society, the Triboro Relay For Life Committee, and cancer survivors everywhere, we humbly thank you for your generosity.

And always remember, we’re in this fight together!


Toni Hobbs, Gina Sallavanti,

Donna Trotta and Rick Notari

co-chairs, Triboro Relay For Life

Taking Care of Our Own

Editor: During the past few years I’ve been a harsh critic of the Riverside School Board under its current leadership. But on Monday, June 10, they finally got it right with the appointment of Paul Brennan as our new superintendent.

The Riverside School District and our students, the communities of Taylor, Moosic, the Riverside family and something we call “the Viking way” took a big step forward. Brennan is a man’s man who gets it. His commitment and dedication to being the best he possibly can be at his job will take us to new heights. It’s not going to happen overnight, but when the smoke clears, I think you’ll see Riverside at or near the top looking down at everyone else because Brennan will not get a good night’s rest until that happens.

In talking about his vision for the district he stated, “I want everyone to know about Riverside, state-wide and beyond”. He is the kind of out-of-the box thinker that can get us there.

To be noted, the other finalists who attended the meeting made a nice speech and are class acts. Lackawanna Trail is lucky to have him. But the night belonged to a Viking the way it should be. It is my hope that this pattern continues because it’s very tough out there and if we don’t try to take care of our own, who will? Congratulations to the board and Brennan.

Eugene Gallagher,