Audio books available via the Lackawanna County Library System:

“This Won’t End Well” by Camille Pagan

No new people, that’s Annie Mercer’s vow. It’s bad enough that her boss sabotaged her chemistry career and her best friend tried to cure her with crystals. After her fiancé, Jon, asks for space while he’s gallivanting around Paris, Annie decides she needs space too, from everyone.

Yet when Harper moves in next door, Annie can’t help but train a watchful eye on the glamorous but fragile young woman.

If keeping Harper safe requires teaming up with Mo, a maddeningly optimistic amateur detective, who is she to mind her own business? Soon Annie has let not one but two new people into her life. Then Jon reappears and he wants her to join him in France. She’s pretty sure letting anyone get close won’t end well.

So she must decide: is another shot at happiness worth the risk?

“Truths I Never Told You” by Kelly Rimmer

With her father recently moved to a care facility, Beth Walsh volunteers to clear out the family home and is surprised to discover the door to her childhood playroom padlocked. She’s even more shocked at what’s behind it, a hoarder’s mess of her father’s paintings, mounds of discarded papers and miscellaneous junk in the otherwise fastidiously tidy house.

As she picks through the clutter, she finds a loose journal entry in what appears to be her late mother’s handwriting. Beth and her siblings grew up believing their mother died in a car accident when they were little more than toddlers, but this note suggests something much darker.

Beth soon pieces together a disturbing portrait of a woman suffering from postpartum depression and a husband who bears little resemblance to the loving father Beth and her siblings know. What is the secret her father has been hiding all these years and why?

“A Walk Along the Beach” by Debbie Macomber

Inseparable since the sudden loss of their mother as teenagers, Willa and Harper Lakey are perfect opposites. Quiet, demure Willa has always admired Harper’s sense of fearlessness and adventure, but enjoys her peaceful routine as a café owner in their quaint, coastal hometown of Oceanside, Washington.

When a handsome customer shows interest in Willa, Harper urges her sister to take a chance on love, something totally out of Willa’s comfort zone. Just as Willa begins to explore the possibilities, Harper receives crushing news that threatens to bring everything to a screeching halt. Just what will the future hold for the siblings and will they be strong enough to face it together?

“The Worst Best Man” by Mia Sosa

A wedding planner left at the altar, yeah, the irony isn’t lost on Carolina Santos. But despite that embarrassing blip from her past, Lina’s offered an opportunity that could change her life. There’s just one hitch, she has to collaborate with the best (make that worst) man from her own failed nuptials. Marketing expert Max Hartley is determined to make his mark with a coveted hotel client looking to expand its brand. Then he learns he’ll be working with his brother’s whip-smart, stunning, absolutely off-limits, ex-fiancée. And she HATES him, with a capital H.

If they can nail their presentation without killing each other, they’ll both come out ahead. Except Max has been public enemy number one ever since he encouraged his brother to jilt the bride, and Lina’s ready to dish out a little payback of her own. Soon Lina and Max discover animosity may not be the only emotion creating sparks between them.

Still, this star-crossed couple can never be more than temporary playmates because Lina isn’t interested in falling in love and Max refuses to play runner-up to his brother ever again.

“The Half Life” by Jennifer Weiner

Piper DeWitt thinks her life is over to herself as she is waiting in the International Terminal of the Philadelphia airport for an overseas business trip to Paris. She watched as her husband, Tosh, put his own suitcase into the trunk of a taxi the day before. He’d been telling her for months that he wasn’t happy, and though she still wants to believe it is just a phase.

After a call to her mother she can no longer deny that he’s left her, their home and their four-year-old daughter. Piper met Tosh when she was only 22, just the way all the books said she would, when she wasn’t looking. Now at forty, she wonders how, through all those years, they’d gotten to this place in their marriage. When her flight is canceled and a stranger offers her an invitation to share a cab, she realizes she can take a departure from her own life. After a day of living like a tourist in her own city, she hopes she can still find her way home.

“It Devours” by Joseph Fink

Nilanjana Sikdar is an outsider to the town of Night Vale. Working for Carlos, the town’s top scientist, she relies on fact and logic as her guiding principles. Soon all of that is put into question when Carlos gives her a special assignment investigating a mysterious rumbling in the desert wasteland outside of town.

This investigation leads her to the Joyous Congregation of the Smiling God and to Darryl, one of its most committed members. Caught between her beliefs in science and her growing attraction to Darryl, she begins to suspect the Congregation is planning a ritual that could threaten the lives of everyone in town. Now they must search for common ground between their very different worldviews as they are faced with the darkest and most terrible secret.

“In Serena’s Web”

by Kay Hooper

With her angel smile, Serena Jameson looked like a cross between a temptress and a teenager. But she could be ruthless when it came to getting Brian Ashford to make his move. The handsome industrialist was determined to play her shining knight and protect her from danger. When Serena pleaded with Brian to teach her how to attract a man, she ignited something that shattered their control. Will Serena be able to escape the tangles of her bewitchingly woven web?

“The Devil Who Tamed Her” by Johanna Lindsey

Ophelia Reid is beautiful but with a reputation for starting rumors and spreading them. Having purposely wrecked her engagement to Duncan MacTavish, Ophelia wants to return to London’s marriage mart and make her own choice of a wealthy husband. On her journey home, something unexpected happens, she meets the heir to a dukedom, Raphael Locke. He instantly disliked Ophelia when she caused a scandal to avoid marriage to his friend MacTavish, but having comforted her in a tearful moment, he begins to wonder if she’s not all bad.

So when MacTavish claims that Ophelia will never be anything but a spiteful beauty, Rafe bets his best friend that he can turn her into a kind-hearted lady who will one day make a good match, just not with him. With her parents’ blessing, Rafe takes Ophelia to his remote estate in the countryside. There, as he tries to show his furious, sharp-tongued “guest” the error of her ways, he discovers the surprising reasons for her bad behavior.

“Dreamcatcher” by Stephen King

Four young boys stand together and do a brave, good thing, an act that changes them in ways that they hardly understand. Now 25 years later, as grown men who have gone their separate ways, these friends come together once a year to hunt in the woods of Maine. This particular year, a stranger stumbles into their campsite, and before long, the friends are plunged into the most remarkable adventure of their lives. They wind up in a life and death struggle, their only hope for survival locked in their shared past and in the dreamcatcher.

“Heart of Barkness”

by Spencer Quinn

P.I. Bernie and Chet his dog encounter heartache and much worse in the world of country music. They’re both music lovers, so when Lotty Pilgrim, a country singer from long ago, turns up at a local bar, they drive out to catch her act. Bernie’s surprised to see someone who was once so big performing in such a dive, and drops a C-note the Little Detective Agency can’t afford to part with into the tip jar.

The C-note is stolen right from under their noses, twice in the same night. Soon the pair are working the most puzzling case of their career, a case that takes them back in time in search of old border-town secrets, and into present-day danger where powerful people want those secrets to stay hidden. Chet and Bernie find themselves sucked into a real-life murder ballad where there is no one to trust but each other.

Jeanie Sluck is director of the Taylor Community Library.

{span}Jeanie Sluck is director of the Taylor Community Library.{/span}

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